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About Mary Young

Mary Young began her career with Social Security on 5/9/73. During her time at SSA, she received numerous awards, such as the prestigious Vice President's Hammer Award for her continuous efforts to discover efficient methods of operations and numerous Superior Performance Awards. In 2000, she was appointed the Atlanta Regional Vision 2010 Cadre to help plan for the anticipated increase in the Social Security workload due to the coming of age of the babyboomers. She served on the national committee to develop the online policy information system. She worked as a trainer for other Social Security employees on various claims processes and automation methods. Her professionalism led for her to be promoted to supervisor in February 2004. However, Mary always felt that there was more that she could accomplish for the people she served. So, in October 2006, she retired to allow the time to start her own business as a disability consultant. Mary works closely every step of the way with her clients to fight for the disability benefits they deserve. Mary has a very high success rate of getting cases approved not only at the appeals level but also at the initial level of filing. She does all this without charging any fees unless she wins your case.

Mary is committed to serving her clients in an efficient manner. She keeps up on all the changes with Social Security laws and regulations as a member of the national organization, National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR). She is a member of the Accredited Disability Representatives. The overriding philosophy for all Accredited Disability Representatives shall be that any action taken will be in the client's best interests and result in no harm coming to the client. The Representative shall hold the client in the highest regard, with the client's welfare the sole object of the Representative's efforts.
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